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Before the Crows, there was Curly Purtis

The members of Curly Purtis came together completely by accident. They were hired to play for another band. When that band fell apart, Ricky, Josh and Doug split off to form Curly Purtis. Things were happening quickly for the band. They found themselves signed to a small label and in the studio writing and recording music.

After several shows and several studio sessions. The band decided to branch out musically and leave the small label they were signed with. As Curly Purtis they released the album "Going back to Tennessee". The guys found moderate local success, but shortly broke up due to artistic differences.

After some time, and other musical projects. Rick and Doug decided to get together and play some of the old songs. Both, having new material determined it would be fun to go back to the studio. This is Before the Crows.

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